sprint3 Website out of a box

sprint3 Website out of a box

What i it?
$0 upfront for fully functional eCommerce working website
Sprint3 “Out-of-the-Box” eCommerce websites will provide dealers with an
easy way to get a fully functional eCommerce website up and running
showcasing their Sprint3 Suppliers’ products. Multiple levels of website will be
available which will cater for those on a budget, as well as those who require
some more advanced functionality or design customisation.


How does it work?
Dealers will receive a Sprint3 Retail subscription which allows them to link to
their Suppliers Sprint3 catalogues for items that they have been given
permission to. Sprint3 Retail will then automatically send product updates,
including RRP pricing and stock adjustments to Shopify.
Their Shopify site will use standard templates with design customisation based
on the Dealers requirements.



For suppliers:
The Sprint3 integrated websites will drive traffic/sales to your dealer
network (and therefore you)
Strengthen relationships with your dealer base
Build further product awareness for your brands
Reduce consumers searching and buying directly from overseas websites

For dealers:
Low-cost approach to getting a website up and running
The integration with Sprint3 reduces administration overhead of
maintaining the website
Flexibility in design and functionality through multiple options
eCommerce is the fastest growing channel for retailers and a Sprint3
integrated website allows them to capitalise on this trend